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Solve this problem, smartypants.

How on earth do you solve the most complex problems in the world? You ask the people that already do. Tech people. Our film for Project Everyone and 2030Vision launched at AI festival CogX, challenging the tech industry to help make the UN Global Goals a reality by 2030.

Prove it | 2030Vision x Project Everyone


By 2030, the UN aims to eradicate the world’s biggest problems. That’s 11 years to rid the world of hunger and poverty, to end climate change, save our oceans and put a stop to inequality.

But how on earth do you solve problems so big and complicated? You ask a group of people that do it for a living. Tech people.

ATP was tasked by Project Everyone, a not-for-profit agency, founded and led by film director Richard Curtis, to rally the world’s tech industry behind the 17 Global Goals and help make them a reality.

Having developed campaigns for tech brands for over a decade, we knew the best way to capture the imagination of developers wasn’t to pull on their heartstrings, but to offer them something they couldn’t resist: a challenge.

Nine year old Molly helped us lay down the gauntlet to tech people the world over - to prove how smart they really were by committing to help ‘save the world’ in just 11 years. (If they even needed that long).

This project, launched at AI festival CogX and presented by Richard Curtis on behalf of 2030Vision, was such a privilege to be part of. And, in the spirit of promoting gender equality (Goal #5), we’re proud to say that it was written, produced and directed by an entirely female team.