The YouTube Symphony Orchestra brings together musicians from all over the world for a festival of collaborative musical events.

Across the Pond produced a series of videos for the various launch stages of YTSO 2011, the first of which was a recording of the musical centrepiece of the event, Mothership, a piece composed especially for the YouTube Symphony Orchestra by Chicago Symphony Composer-in-Residence Mason Bates.

We had five cameras, a 30-person crew and 90 world-class musicians to wrangle while recording the performance for posterity and making sure the whole shoot ran smoothly and inconspicuously while the orchestra worked their magic.

Alongside that, we produced a short teaser that would build anticipation ahead of the official announcement of the return of the popular event.
Combining audio recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra and footage of conductor Michael Tilson Thomas at St Luke's, the LSO's beautiful rehearsal and performance space, we created a dramatic video that got aspiring musicians all over the world clamouring to take part.

Next up was a launch film for the event, calling out for musicians around the world to play their part and submit their auditions via YouTube. Using interviews, user-generated content and footage from 2009's event at Carnegie Hall, our video attracted over 2.5 million views on YouTube.

To help YTSO fans with their audition entries, we had Michael Tilson Thomas and Mason Bates walk through the structure of Mason's piece, highlighting how entrants could tailor their improvisations to best fit with the existing music.

And, as part of the educational remit of the event, we made a series of short masterclasses for each section of the orchestra, where an LSO member discussed their instrument's role within the wider ensemble..