Space Lab is a huge, interactive campaign launched by Google in September 2011. The project culminated in a Live stream and Google+ Hangout from the International Space Station before the channel was handed over to Scientific American in September 2012

Sponsored by Lenovo and in partnership with NASA, it’s all about inspiring and educating young people around the world about science in the most imaginative way possible.

The idea is simple: 14-18 year-old students are challenged to design a science experiment that can be performed in space.

The winning experiment will be performed and streamed live aboard the International Space Station.

The challenge was to make a beautiful, engaging and compelling promo that would get people talking about this campaign in as many countries around the world as possible. It was all about captivating visuals and not words.

Having been part of the briefing early on meant there was real synergy between the creative in the video and the rest of the campaign.

In under a week we had 4.5 million views and it was the no. 1 spot in the AdAge viral video chart, beating the iPhone 4S launch video.

As this is one of our favourite projects, we made a little poster for our office!