The Brief

To create a series of how-to videos that give the Sally Hansen audience tips on nail colour and tutorials on exciting, fashion-forward nail designs.

Our tutorials were part of a vibrant  three-part series, which kept Sally Hansen at the forefront of fashion. 

  • Key Trends:  Using simple how-to guides and tutorials, we showcased innovative nail art technique's. Colour pops and vibrancy were essential. Sally Hansen is an expert brand, who offers practical help and guidance to it's customers.
  • Colour for Any Skin Tone: Sally Hansen is the number one brand for nail care in the UK. With a huge array of colours in this season's selected palette, we ensured everyone knew which shade suited them best.
  • Fashion Conscious: The Sally Hansen audience are immersed with knowledge of the fashion industry, much like the brand. We wanted to explore how this audience can replicate trends in a fun, playful and completely accessible way. 


We wanted to create visual impact on Instagram. By designing a platform-specific structure to sit on the Sally Hansen feed, we communicated nine different tips, for three different skin tones across a unified grid of  images  . 

Take a look in our gallery below for more of Instagram work.