The Brief
Sally Hansen wanted to grow their audience on Instagram and engage the active nail community that already used the platform. In particular, they wanted to use the platform to make their brand relevant to a younger audience, whilst reinforcing Sally Hansen’s image as a helpful care brand. 

Our Instagram strategy involved three-pronged approach, which covered each of Sally Hansen’s main brand objectives. 

  • Expert Knowledge:  Using 15 second tutorials were the perfect opportunity to position Sally Hansen as a helpful brand and an expert in nail care.
  • #1 for Care: Sally Hansen is the number one brand for nail care in the UK. We wanted to reinforce this message by doing something that no other nail brand was doing on the platform - offering real tips for everyday nail care. 
  • Fashion Conscious: Creating authentic lifestyle shots that the audience could relate to helped to position Sally Hansen as a brand that understands fashion and the lives of its younger audience who go to Instagram for lifestyle inspiration. 

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