Guinness World Records OMG!

The brief: Guinness World Records wanted to make itself relevant to a YouTube audience of 16-24 year olds. 

The solution: We collaborated with Base79 to create 22 hours of original content for Guinness World Records: OMG!
We worked with some of YouTube’s best content creators, including YouTubers: Marcus, Alfie, Zoella, KSI, Oli White and Bing. The collaboration resulted in a content series that appealed to YouTube’s most engaged demographic, as well as existing fans of Guinness World Records. 
The five different series were shown exclusively on YouTube as part of the YouTube Original Channel Initiative, with new episodes for each series coming out on a weekly basis. 


  • 344 Videos
  • 300,000 subscribers
  • Over 50 organic million views
  • Average view rate an incredible 46% (Industry average for hub closer to 20%)
  • Over 400,000 likes

Across the Pond also created a two-hour YouTube livestream in which fans watched some of YouTube’s finest gaming talent compete to become Guinness World Record title holders.