To celebrate the Indian festival of colour, Holi, GA&C worked with Across the Pond in commissioning a piece of art from street artist Hanif Kureshi. The film expresses the energy of the creation of the art with Hanif working alongside the local community...and tonnes of coloured powder.

lunar new year

To promote GA&C’s latest collection we created a film using motion graphics to describe some interesting facts of the Lunar New Year.

preserving digital art

Digital art exists locally or online on hard drives and servers. What happens if you can’t access them any more? Do we accept that digital art can be more fragile than paper or canvas? This film interviews the father of the internet, Vint Cerf and digital preservation specialists, Rhizome to explore how to preserve digital artworks for generations to come.

Day of the dead

Day of the Dead provides a visual treat for this motion graphics promo for GA&C’s new collection.


MuCEM, a museum devoted to European and Mediterranean civilisations, recently partnered with Google to bring all it’s immersive and interactive experiences online. Our film shows off this beautiful museum and its collection in all its glory.