The brief: Google’s Analytics team approached us to produce a film that convinced business owners why the Google Analytics tool was invaluable to seeing how consumers were behaving on their online stores. 

The solution: We used humour to bring to life the frustrations of online shopping in an original and memorable way. Harnessing the comedic talents of writer and director, Misha Manson-Smith, we created a sketch that showed how ridiculous it would seem if poor online shopping experiences were played out in real life.

Results: Our humourous take on a potentially dry topic was something both consumers and retailers could relate to. It achieved instant YouTube popularity, reaching over 300k views in the first week, without any media spend. It gained over one million views over the duration of the campaign.

The film was not only entertaining, but also convinced people of the worth of Google Analytics. People who were driven to the website after watching the film were 2800% more likely to sign up for Google Analytics than people driven to the website through Google search.

2012 Winner Best Branded Short - SHOTS Magazine
2012 Finalist in the Cannes Lions Branded Content Film category

We went on to create two further films which expressed more failures of poor UX design in online shopping.