The brief:  As an event which celebrates creativity in advertising, it is important that Cannes Lions is relevant on the platforms which attract advertisers. In 2016 Snapchat was the platform to watch. Not only was it the world’s fastest growing social network, it was also a major sponsor of the event, with a huge presence throughout the festival. To recognise this, Cannes Lions wanted to create best-practice content that made the best of the platform and appeal to its large and varied audience. 

The Snapchat content needed to make the festival relevant to younger people working in agencies, whilst also showcasing the platform to older delegates who would be interested in the platform but may not have used it before. 

In addition to seven days of coverage throughout the event, we created two films which Cannes Lions shared on their own social channels, showing people how to use Snapchat and how to follow Cannes Lions. We also designed a sticker which featured the channel’s Snapcode and went into all 15,000 delegate bags at the event.

The campaign was highly successful with very strong engagement for the platform with watch time and followers growing throughout the week of the festival. 

We created 500 snaps in total, talent featured in the story included Channing Tatum, John Cena, Mark Ronson, Giles Peterson, Anna Wintour, Will Smith, Usher, Mindy Kahling, Advanced Style, Muslim Girl 

Starting from scratch we grew the audience to over 1500 followers.
Snapchat’s official Cannes Live Story was viewed by an average of 3,000 people per snap, which on average, featured 20 of our snaps per day. The audience screenshotted many of the Snaps and sent our team direct snaps of their experiences from the festival. 

The highest view count for a snap was 1.2k viewers.
588,000 impressions over the course of the My Story
240,000 impressions over the course of the Live Story