The problem: Google wanted to create awareness and excitement at the launch of The Art Project: a collaboration between Google and 151 acclaimed global art galleries and partners to create a unique online art experience. 

The solution: Across the Pond created a film, with NOMINT, that conveyed the awe-inspiring quantity and variety of artwork available in The Art Project. Using innovative motion design techniques, the film conveyed the immersive experience of using the website, and the incredible worlds that great art can draw you into. 
Across the Pond also created a walk-through video to help guide users through The Art Project’s features. The film showed users how to explore the incredible range of artworks included in the site, take virtual tours of the museums, and even build their own collections to share.

Results: With no media spend, the launch film achieved over 900k organic views. 
2013 Finalist for the Greek Graphic Design and Illustration Awards in the Animation category.

We also created a film for the Brazilian launch of Art Project